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Body Sculpting is a growing industry with 6.1 Billion dollars being spent last year.

This is predicted to triple in the next 3 years.

The global beauty industry is worth $511 billion. The rapid increase of the cosmetic industry’s worth is not any surprise, because the demand for beauty and private care products will always be high.

Also, the longer-term beauty industry growth is quite evident, and this will be accredited to social media influencers and brand ambassadors.

Consumers are 40% more willing to undertake new beauty products than before the coronavirus pandemic.

Data from a PowerReviews survey about beauty industry trends for 2021 reveal that folks are now more likely to shop for new beauty products.

Also, 59% of survey respondents report spending an equivalent or maybe extra money on cosmetics, especially skincare products.

The personal care industry for men is estimated to hit $166 billion by 2022.

Men have accepted and began using beauty products quite before. which may be because more cosmetic brands create beauty lines only for men.

However, men’s beauty industry size and growth are yet to succeed at their peak as more beauty brands tap into this market.

As beauty trends still emerge and with the influence of social media, this billion-dollar industry is predicted to expand even further. It’s almost safe to mention that the sweetness industry worth won’t ever be questioned.

Fast Beauty Facts!

  • The global cosmetics industry should be worth 438.38 billion by 2026.
  • According to the estimations, the worldwide beauty market will have a decline of 20%–30% thanks to the pandemic.
  • Women within the US spend around $3,756 on cosmetics annually.
  • 17% of girls stopped wearing makeup completely on account of the coronavirus.
  • 30% of the aesthetic industry market was closed thanks to the worldwide pandemic
  • Skincare products have seen a growth in sales by a whopping 606.4% for hand masks.
  • Beauty therapy will experience the very best growth of 20% by 2024 in Australia.
  • 48% of Millennials say they might purchase products with CBD oil for skincare.
  • 82% of girls believe that social media drives trends.
  • $15 billion are going to be spent on global influencer marketing by 2022.