Classic Teeth Whitening Home Kit

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Introducing our Dentist Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Home Kit, your gateway to achieving a dazzlingly white smile from the comfort of your own home. These professional teeth whitening kits are designed to be both effective and convenient, providing you with a straightforward path to a radiant smile.


Kit Contents:

  1. 6% HP Whitening Gel Applicator Pen (Clear or Chrome): This pen is the star of the show, containing a powerful 6% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. It’s available in a sleek clear or chrome design.
  2. 1 x Teeth Shade Guide: This guide allows you to monitor your progress and witness the transformation of your smile.
  3. 1 x Thermoform Mouth Tray: This custom-fitting tray ensures that the whitening gel is distributed evenly across your teeth, enhancing the overall whitening experience.
  4. 2 x Vitamin E Swab: These swabs offer a soothing touch, ensuring your comfort throughout the teeth whitening process.
  5. 1 x Aftercare Sheet: This sheet provides valuable guidance for maintaining your newly brightened smile.


Why Choose Our Kit:

Safe and Effective Whitening Gel: Our whitening gel is not only highly effective but also completely safe for home use. Achieving fantastic results without compromising your dental health is our priority.

Professional-Grade Formula: The secret to our outstanding results lies in our 6% hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening formula. It’s meticulously crafted to meet the highest quality standards and is fully compliant with Australian regulations. Having a dentist-grade product at your disposal is crucial for obtaining the fastest and most desirable whitening outcomes.

High Viscosity Gel: Our gel boasts a remarkably high viscosity, which means it stays in place and adheres properly during your teeth whitening sessions. This ensures that the whitening process is consistent and effective.

Our Dentist Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Home Kit is more than just a cosmetic solution; it’s a confidence booster. With an easy-to-use paint-on system and an array of carefully curated components, we’ve made it simple for you to achieve a brilliantly white smile on your terms. Bid farewell to staining and embrace a smile that exudes radiance and self-assuredness. Your journey to a brighter smile starts right at home.





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